Hedge Fund Hot Shot Anthony Scaramucci Is Opening The Wall Street Bar To End All Wall Street Bars

anthony scaramucci

Play close attention everyone because you’re only going to read this for the first time, once.

And there’s never anything like your first time.

Anthony Scaramucci, co-founder of SkyBridge Capital, Romney bundler, and Master of Ceremonies at the oh-so-epic SALT Conference is opening a bar for hedge funders and private equity guys in Midtown Manhattan.

At last, Paradise.

It will be called the Hunt and Fish Club, Bloomberg reports (of course, that’s no reference to the Bergin Hunt and Fish Club, John Gotti’s infamous Queens hangout). The partners seek to raise $4 million for the project, which is slated to open in December.

To make this magic happen, Scaramucci is teaming up with 22-year Morgan Stanley vet David Barrett and restaurateur Eytan Sugarman (co-owner of Justin Timberlake’s Southern Comfort).

They want to make the Hunt and Fish Club a “fun”, “clubhouse” type environment to counter the wasteland of Midtown options with unattractive wait staff, according to marketing documents reviewed by Bloomberg.

Their target demographic is the young professional with lots of disposable income who frequent establishments like Rothmann’s Steakhouse & Grill and Papillon Bistro & Bar.

From Bloomberg:

“Dave Barrett and I have said for years that we wanted to have place where we could gather people from our community,” Scaramucci said in the e-mail. “Great food and great social environment.”

The Hunt and Fish Club will be located on 125 West 44th Street, between 6th Avenue and Broadway.

Ladies and gentleman, meet your new Cheers.

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