Watch a fleet of trucks drive in circles to create a giant working clock

Truck company Scania put together an unusual project to show off the reliability of its trucks.

Scania had 14 trucks drive in a giant, 750,000 square-foot circle in the middle of a deserted airfield to make a giant clock when viewed from above:

Scania had 90 drivers take part in the project and even had a control tower to keep track of all the trucks. To make the second hand, trucks had to drive in a perfect circle every 60 seconds for 24 hours. The inside truck had to maintain a speed of 8 mph while the outside truck went 32 miles per hour to keep the second hand ticking properly.

Trucks responsible for the minute and hour hands had to complete perfectly synchronised starts and stops for it to work.

If you feel so inclined, you can view it live.

H/T Gizmodo

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