This 'Star Trek Tricorder' Just Grabbed $US10.5 Million In Investment Funding

 Scanadu ScoutScanaduScanadu Scout

A medical device ripped right out of the world of Star Trek is a real thing now: The Scanadu Scout, which raised a whopping $US1,664,574 on Indiegogo, has secured $10.5 million from venture capitalists.

It’s something like the medical tricorder from Star Trek: Wave the tricorder in the air at someone and it scans the person’s vital signs.

With the Scout, you place it against your forehead and it reads your blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels, respiratory rate, and body temperature. It sends that to your smartphone and you can upload it to your doctor, or even your Facebook profile.

The Scout is in the process of getting FDA approval and is expected to be available in March, 2014. This funding was lead by Relay Ventures with participation from Tony Hsieh’s VegasTechFund and Jerry Yang’s Ame Cloud Ventures.

The Scout is part of a new wave of smartphone home medical devices that VCs are throwing money at these days.

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