Say Hello To WAVE Energy!

Crashing waves

A new hydro-electric energy source called “Oyster” was launched earlier this month by Queen’s University Belfast, Aquamarine Power Ltd., and the Scottish government.

The device sits on the ocean floor and pumps high pressure water to an onshore hydro-electric turbine to create power. In a ground-breaking development for the marine energy sector this year, Aquamarine Power entered into a strategic alliance with Airtricity, a wholly owned subsidiary of Scottish and Sourthern Energy, to co-develop up to 1,000MW of Oyster® sites.  The joint venture partnership is currently developing a 2MW demonstration site for 2011, to be expanded to 10MW in 2012 and 200MW thereafter. This partnership represents by far the largest commitment to date in the marine energy industry, by any major utility.

See how it works:


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