Here’s A Money-Saving Resolution: Clean Out Your Email


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It’s 2012, and for most of us, our top New Year’s resolution is to create a budget. It’s a healthy resolution, of course, and if you’re looking for tips on creating a budget, you can always check this site! However, you might be overlooking a few things, and it could be costing you hundreds of dollars over time.

There are more ways to adjusting your finances than just sitting down with a ledger, pay stubs, and a calculator. You should really look at every aspect of your financial lifestyle, but there are a few supereasy tips you should take into consideration first.

    •    Unsubscribe to mailing lists. Are you a member of discount designer shopping sites? Online shops? Your favourite stores? Budget savvy beauties are always sourcing for an amazing deal, but email alerts about sales and special discounts could make you more susceptible to spending when you don’t need to. (I don’t know about you, but when I’m offered a special discount or a certain dollar amount off via email, I always click on the link — even if only to see if I like the items enough to buy them.) Go through your mailbox and get rid of those mailing lists! You don’t necessarily have to get rid of all of them, but it’s a really good idea to unsubscribe from most mailing lists. That way when you have a little extra spending money on hand, you can check your favourite sites to see what deals they have going on at that time.

    •    Cancel all monthly memberships to “personalised” boutiques. Although sites like JewelMint and ShoeDazzle offer an amazing service, it’s not financially savvy to subscribe to memberships like these. Why not? It takes away your spending power. Sure, you get a great product every month, but instead of spending when you want to, you’re spending when they want you to. And those monthly memberships really add up over time. It’s much wiser to buy on your own time, at your own convenience. This way you have the power, and that’s what truly makes you in control of your finances. If you are truly pinching pennies right now (like me), I highly advise cancelling all online shopping memberships.

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