This Portable Bike Lane Could Save Lives

bike zone prototype

[credit provider=”Frank Guo, Hung Wang, and Stuart Morrow” url=””]

Late at night, riding down a darkened street, a biker can easily disappear from a distracted driver’s line of sight.Bike lanes are often nonexistent or simply ignored.

But what if bikers could create their own brightly-lit lanes as they ride?

One new design, called the Bike Zone, projects lights a meter away from the bike, giving drivers an obvious way to stay at a safe distance.

The light also works as a flashing turn signal. 

Another recent design projects two red lights along either side of the bike, creating a more literal bike lane.

The Xfire safety light is visible even in the glare of headlights and streetlights.

light up bike lane

[credit provider=”Light Lane” url=””]

The idea isn’t brand-new; another team of designers worked on a similar prototype called LightLane a few years ago.But the LightLane never made it to market. Here’s hoping the new designs may be widely adopted and help save some lives.