How To Save An Hour By Building Your Resume With LinkedIn

LinkedInLinkedIn continues to create new ways to land you that first interview.

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LinkedIn launched a new tool last week that lets you use your profile to create a professional resume.The feature works great, and if you keep your LinkedIn profile updated, you’ll have a new resume in no time. Once you’re done you can export the file to a PDF or share it across your social networks.

There are 11 templates to choose from, ranging from classic designs with a corporate feel to a few artistic ones with bubbly letters and your profile photo. No matter what your profession is, there’s a style for you.

Save yourself an hour of hacking away in Microsoft Word and use LinkedIn crank out a stylish resume in a few minutes. You can get started with LinkedIn’s resume builder by clicking here.

Wow! That was fast! Your LinkedIn profile is automatically imported into the Clean template. There are are 10 more templates to check out. Let's take a look...

The Executive template looks very professional.

Here's the Classic template. Your name is centered at the top and it includes links to websites listed in your profile.

The grey template guessed it...a subtle grey background.

The Slice template includes your LinkedIn profile photo.

The Law template has a great classic look. It's our pick if you're going for a corporate job.

The Two Column template shakes things up with a feminine look.

Here's the Business template. Very professional looking.

The Blue template will add a lot of colour to your resume.

The White template has a lot of open space.

This is the Orange template. We think it's the most stylish of the bunch, so we'll build our resume with this.

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