Savage Storm That Killed 16 People In The Solomon Islands Moves Towards North Queensland

Cyclone Ita/

A destructive storm system that has left 16 dead in the Solomon Islands is expected to hit Queensland’s Cape York this week.

The system known as Cyclone Ita is currently sitting offshore in the Coral Sea but is travelling in a westerly direction, intensifying as it gets closer to North Queensland.

The Bureau of Meteorology has said the storm cell doesn’t pose an immediate threat could build when it approaches Queensland in a few days.

The Solomon Islands have been left devastated by its force. Flooding has killed at least 16 people with that number expected to rise, while another 40 are still missing and up to 49,000 have lost their homes.

Emergency services in the area fear that a lack of sanitation and fresh water could cause an outbreak of dengue fever.

The Red Cross secretary general in the Solomons, Joanne Zoleveke, described the devastation as “a tragedy none of us saw coming”.

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