Saudis Soften Stance on Egyptian Uprising

barack obama saudi arabia king abdullah

The Saudi government’s view of the events in Egypt has shifted in recent days.  Initially solidly supportive of President Hosni Mubarak — and critical of US “distancing” from its old ally — the Saudis appear to have changed their analysis of what it all means. 

In the old paradigm, the Saudis viewed Egypt as a solid ally and counterweight to the rise of Iranian (read: Shia) power.  Their initial take on the uprising in Egypt was that it was bad for Saudi Arabia, good for Iran. 

Now, however, Saudi strategists seem to think that the opposite might be true: that the uprising in Egypt could lead to the overthrow of the Iranian regime.  From the Saudi point of view, this is devoutly to be wished.

The Financial Times tracks the shift.

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