A Saudi Prince Dropped 25,000 Square Feet Off His Los Angeles House Plans Because His neighbours Got Mad


Photo: Courtesy of Save Benedict Canyon

A Saudi prince, Abdulaziz ibn Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz al Saud, revised his plans to build an 85,000 square foot compound on an expensive block in Benedict Canyon near Los Angeles (via LATimes).Instead, he proposed building a 60,000 square foot compound because his original plan infuriated his neighbours.

The plan made residents so mad, they created an entire website, Save Benedict Canyon, dedicated to preventing construction of the massive compound.

The Prince filed his revised plan this week to avoid a new ordinance with stricter limits on what can be built that’s going into effect next Monday.

Here are the proposed plans

Here's where he wants his 60,000 square foot compound

It's in Benedict Canyon, near L.A.

The residents of the ritzy neighbourhood rejected his original 85,000 square foot plan

If the new plan is passed, he'll be among the ranks of the biggest homes in the U.S.

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