The CEO of Microsoft has a unique morning ritual involving his calendar

Most busy people start their days by looking at their calendars on their phones or computers.

But if you are the CEO of one of the world’s biggest technology companies, Microsoft, you get to do that task in a unique, high-tech way.

Every morning, CEO Satya Nadella puts on a Microsoft HoloLens and looks at a virtual, interactive calendar seemingly projected on a wall of his house, he told The Verge’s Casey Newton.

HoloLens is Microsoft’s “mixed reality” headset that lets those wearing the device see holograms in the world around them.

He loves this gadgety way of seeing his calendar so much, he gets “giddy” when he talks about, Newton says.

It represents the kind of futuristic productivity hack that he hopes Microsoft will eventually bring to every worker everywhere.

In truth, there are already more interesting ways to use the HoloLens than thumbing through a virtual calendar. NASA is using it this summer to let visitors to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida walk on Mars. Volvo is using it to let people virtually browse new cars. You can use it with Skype, and with a few video games, too.

Microsoft has a handful of device makers lined up to produce the HoloLens, and has early developer units out to programmers who are building more apps for it.

But in terms of morning rituals for CEOs, we’re pretty sure Nadella’s voyage into an augmented reality calendar is unique.

Here’s a photo of how HoloLens can project a bunch of holograms onto a room. In the background is a To-do list, which gives some idea of what Nadella’s calendar would look like.

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