7 Photos That Show New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's Fantastic Sense Of Style

Satya Nadella has only been Microsoft’s CEO for a week, but it’s already clear that he’s the most stylish guy to hold that position.

In the photos Microsoft released with the official announcement, Nadella is wearing a fitted sweatshirt that puts the hoodies favoured by other techies to shame.

In another, he mixes comfort and style with a maroon cotton tee under a pinstripe blazer.

He rocked a checkered blazer and jeans while speaking on a panel at LeWeb Paris in December.

And this pink dress shirt during a presentation last July.

He switched it up with a stylish quarter-zip during a 2011 presentation.

In a Microsoft Cloud video from June 2013, Satya went for a polo-sweater vest combo that screams nerd-chic.

This photo of all three CEOs side-by-side really demonstrates the fresh look Satya is bringing to Microsoft.

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