'SNL' mocked Jussie Smollett after prosecutors dropped charges accusing him of faking a hate crime

NBC/’Saturday Night Live’‘SNL’ skit about Jussie Smollett, featuring Sandra Oh and Chris Redd
  • “Saturday Night Live” mocked Jussie Smollett in a skit in which cast member Chris Redd played a version of the “Empire” actor, and Sandra Oh played his lawyer.

  • The skit featured a faux meeting of Fox producers, to discuss Smollett’s future after prosecutors dropped charges after police accused the actor of faking a hate crime against himself.

  • Redd’s Smollett, wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, claimed in the skit that he was late because he had been attacked again.

  • He displayed clues about his attackers, including a box of teeth whitening strips, three red Ks, and a Teletubby doll.

  • In the skit, Redd’s Smollett is fired, but the actor returns to the room claiming he had been attacked again.

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