'SNL' perfectly skewered Scientology in this parody recruitment video

After HBO’s explosive Scientology documentary “Going Clear” premiered last weekend, “Saturday Night Live” took the opportunity to poke fun at the controversial religion.

In “Going Clear,” director Alex Gibney includes an actual video the church of Scientology made in the ’90s to recruit new members. In the music video, titled “We Stand Tall,” the religion’s top execs can be seen signing lyrics like, “Take us from clear to eternity, to a future we thought would never be.”

“SNL” responded this weekend by making an equally grainy, dated music video for “Neurotology,” a Scientology-like group that also sings about “Diametrics,” a spoof on founder L. Ron Hubbard’s “Dianetics.”

The parody video also addresses Scientology’s belief that the world began with aliens, missing church members, and people signing billion-year contracts with the church —  all actual things in Scientology.

One lyric from the parody video goes: “Religion and science intertwines, aliens live inside of our minds, billion-year contracts we have signed, it all makes sense to me.”

Watch the full “SNL” sketch below:

It’s eerily similar to the actual Scientology recruitment video from the 90s, featuring the church’s top executives —  many of whom have since left the religion and spoken out about it in HBO’s “Going Clear.”

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