Beautiful Satellite Images Of Giant Hard Rock Mines


Photo: SkyTruth via flickr

The price of metals has surged an extraordinary amount in the past decade and interest is at an extraordinary high. Companies across the world are forming at the merest hint of an opportunity to mine hard rock.But have you actually seen one of these giant mines?

The folks at SkyTruth put together a gallery of awesome satellite images of giant mines.

Ahafo Gold Mine is an open-pit gold mine in Ghana

The Berkeley Pit is a copper-gold mine in Butte, Montana

The Cerro De Pasco Mine is an active zinc-lead-silver mine in Peru

Fort Knox is an open-pit gold mine north of Fairbanks, Alaska

Here is a group of gold/copper mines in British Columbia

Grasberg is a copper-gold mine in Irian Jaya

This is an Iron mine in Iron County, Utah

Junin Mine is an open-pit copper mine in the Intag River Region of Ecuador

Kensington Gold Mine is a gold mine in southeast Alaska

Mount Tenabo is the site of a proposed 2,000 foot deep gold mine in Nevada

Pebble Mine is a proposed open-pit copper/gold mine in southwest Alaska

Rosemont Ranch is an open-pit copper/silver/molybdenum mine in the Santa Rita Mountains of Arizona

Spore Mountain is a beryllium/uranium/fluorospar mine in Utah

This is a Phosphate mine in southeastern Idaho

Tulsequah Chief Mine is a gold/silver mine in British Columbia

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