What the prestigious $40,000-a-year school that’s educated 35 years of presidential kids has to offer

Sidwell Friends School
Here’s what Barron Trump will miss out on if he decides not to attend Sidwell Friends School. Sidwell Friends School/Facebook

For now, it seems, Present-elect Trump’s youngest son Barron will not be attending Sidwell Friends School.

The Quaker school with locations in Bethesda, Maryland and Washington, DC, has educated multiple first kids. In fact, if Barron doesn’t attend, he’ll be the first in 35 years not to, The Washington Post reported.

Trump and his wife Melania announced that the family will keep Barron enrolled in his New York City-based day school rather than moving to Washington, DC right away. Barron attends Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

A spokesperson for the Trumps noted that there is “obviously a sensitivity to pulling out a 10-year-old in the middle of the school year.”

Here’s what we know about Sidwell Friends, the school that’s educated decades’ worth of presidential kids:

  • Sidwell Friends was founded in 1883 on Quaker values. “The Quaker pillars of the school inspire active engagement in environmental stewardship, global citizenship, and service,” says the school’s site.
  • Current and former attendees include Sasha and Malia Obama, Vice President Biden’s grandchildren, former President Nixon’s daughters, Chelsea Clinton, and Nancy Reagan … and Bill Nye.
  • For the 2016-17 school year there were 1,142 students enrolled ( 578 boys, 564 girls).
  • Annual tuition is about $40,000.
  • It boasts impressive facilities including indoor and outdoor tracks, and five tennis courts. The DC campus is 15 acres and the Maryland campus is five acres.
  • Admissions are competitive; while there is no acceptance rate listed, the school’s site notes the number of slots available per grade (for example, there are four current openings in the 4th grade) and mentions that future openings occur only through attrition of current students.
  • Middle school students begin every day with five minutes of silence in order to focus their attention. Silence is also a tenet of the Quaker tradition and incorporated in worship services.
  • The school provides a unique Chinese studies program with opportunities for students to study abroad.

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