Sarkozy's Annual Budget Is $150 Million — That's More Than The Queen Of England

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As the French presidential elections draw closer, the Sarkozy-bashing continues to intensify.A new book released by Socialist Member of Parliament (MP) Rene Dosiere details Sarkozy’s astonishingly extravagant lifestyle at a time when he has urged greater restraint in transparency in government spending, The Daily Mail reports.

In ‘L’argent de l’État’ (‘Money from the State’), Dosiere claims the Elysee Palace spends £95million ($150 million) a year, even outstripping Queen Elizabeth II and “ignoring the most elementary principles of the separation between private and public accounts,” according to Dosiere, The Sunday Times reports.

The book talks about the annual budget in more detail: £10,000 ($16,000) a day on food (including a red wine that costs about $250 a bottle); £100,000 ($160,000) to insure a fleet of 121 cars, and £275,000 ($435,000) to fuel; and £200,000 ($300,000) on flowers, according to the Daily Mirror.

Sarkozy’s fondness for flying is another matter entirely. He uses an Airbus A330 (‘Air Sarko One’) that cost taxpayers £215million ($340 million) to equip with the latest gadgets the Sarkozys wanted.

And since he only flies, and never takes the train, recent journeys, like the 80-mile trip from Paris to Saint-Quentin, and another to the Lascaux caves with wife Carla Bruni cost £459,000 (about $726,000).

Last week, he spent about £22,000 ($35,000) from government coffers to send a military plane to Ukraine to ferry his ailing son Pierre home.

There is a slight silver lining for Sarko in the book, though. He has cancelled the annual £500,000 palace garden party, and the Elysee now publishes the annual budget of the government in a bid to improve transparency, according to the New Zealand Herald.

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