Sarkozy Accused Of Dishonoring Allied Troops With Windfarm Plan On D-Day Coast

A photo from the D-Day invasions

Photo: United States Coast Guard via Wikipedia

French President Nicholas Sarkozy is facing criticism for approving plans for large wind farms on the Normandy Coastline where the famous D-Day invasion took place, The Daily Mail reports.Sarkozy has opened up bidding for 100 new turbines to be built less than 20 miles from Omaha beach where thousands of American soldiers died in 1944. 

The Daily Mail claims the flashing lights of the turbines would create a “disco effect” during night remembrances of the battles on Juno and Omaha beaches.

Gérard Lecornu, president of the Port Winston Churchill Association of Arromanches, told The Daily Telegraph that:

“Three million tourists come from the world over to the landing beaches. The first thing they do is look at the line of horizon from where the landings came. D-Day is in our collective memory. To touch this is a very grave attack on that memory.”

The government claims the plan will create 10,000 jobs and create as much energy as two nuclear power plants. They insist the turbines will be “barely visible” from the beaches.

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