Sarkozy Lagging Behind In Presidential Race According To Latest Opinion Polls

Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has fallen further behind Socialist Party candidate Francoise Hollande in the race for the French presidency, according to the latest opinion polls.Reuters reports that a poll by LH2 for Yahoo indicates that Hollande would win 39 per cent of the first round votes, an increase of eight per cent from the last poll three weeks ago. Sarkozy is on track to secure 24 per cent of the vote. 

In a straight run between the two, 60 per cent would back Hollande for office, the poll showed.

Another poll revealed that 45 per cent of the electorate backed Hollande, with 27 per cent supporting Sarkozy. Despite Sarkozy lagging behind, his numbers are actually an improvement from earlier in the year.

The Guardian reported in March that far-right candidate Marine Le Pen was leading Sarkozy in opinion polls. However, the President’s support has now rallied following France’s role in overthrowing Muamar Qaddafi as well as the birth of Sarkozy’s daughter.

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