Rebekah Brooks Linked To Suspected Hacking Of Murdered Schoolgirl's Mother

Murdoch, Brooks

Photo: EPA

New evidence in the News of the World phone hacking scandal appears to tie directly to Rebekah Brooks, The Guardian reports.Police now believe that Sara Payne, the mother of a murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne, was a target for phone hacking.

This is especially noteworthy because News International Chief Brooks apparently gave Payne a phone to keep in touch with her supporters.

Incredibly, Payne had remained a supporter of News of the World until the end, even writing a goodbye letter in the final issue, calling it “a force for good.”

Following the murder in 2000, the News of the World had played a vital part in the creation of “Sarah’s Law”, a law that sought to alert parents to the presence of pedophiles in their neighborhoods.

Brooks has so far denied all knowledge of phone-hacking.

If News Of The World did indeed hack Sara Payne’s voicemail, this wouldn’t be the first hacking involving a crime victim or their family. Rupert Murdoch himself apologized in person to the family of Milly Dowler, the murdered schoolgirl who had her phone hacked by News of the World.

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