Sarah Palin’s New Website Is Up

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has a new website

It’s the website one would create if one were moving closer towards a formal announcement of candidacy for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. 

And it went live a day after she gave a rousing speech in Madison, Wisconsin, attacking President Obama and the Republican Congressional leadership for the FY 2011 budget deal. The Madison speech is the website’s featured post.

Like all such web-sites, the key vertical is inside the “Donate” button.  As one would expect, Ms. Palin’s “donation” page is professionally done. It’s easy-to-use and fully compliant with FEC regulations.

The donations page will also be a critical information resource for Ms. Palin personally.  It will let her know where she stands with her base of support.  If she’s flooded with contributions in the early going, that will be a reassuring sign.  If the response is tepid, that will be a troubling sign.

How the donations page performs will determine, to some degree, whether or not she runs.