Sarah Palin's New TV Show Revealed!

sarah palin

Mediaite got a first look at Sarah Palin’s new Fox News series Real American Stories, which premieres Thursday April 1 at 10 p.m.

As Fox announced, the first show features country singer Toby Keith and former GE CEO Jack Welch, as well as a Marine and a philanthropic stock broker. Rapper LL Cool J was supposed to appear in the special, but the network clipped him off.

From Mediaite: The special begins with Palin speaking directly to the camera. “Heroism, courage, generosity, a warrior’s spirit – these are the things that unite all Americans,” she says. Then we’re off to meet George Weiss, who started the “Say Yes” program and is helping kids all over the country go to college. Weiss’ story, as the others, are voiced by Palin, so her role of narrator makes it seem like we get more Palin that we actually do. There are subtle political undertones to the Weiss report, and a few others – in a follow-up interview with the “Say Yes” program head of the Harlem chapter, Palin praises the work of “private sector contribution. Read more at Mediaite >

Steve Krakauer describes Palin giving very “Oprah-like” interviews at the end of the segments. She is in front of a studio audience and asks the show’s subjects a few questions. “Maybe she stumbles a bit in interviews, but in this format,” he writes, “she thrives.”


Looks like the show will keep Fox News’ ratings high in the post-10 p.m. timeslot. Watch out, Greta.

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