Bristol Palin And Jersey Shore's "The Situation" Star In A Super Weird Sex Ad

Though neither Bristol Palin nor Jersey Shore’s “The Situation” is exactly upheld as a model of abstinence, that didn’t stop Candie’s Foundation’s from asking both to appear in a pro-abstinence video as part of their “Pause Before You Play” campaign.

Bristol Palin, having been a teen mother, is now apparently something of a pro-abstinence advocate. The Situation, in turn, respects abstinence because it “has the word ‘abs’ in it.”


Perhaps it was only a matter of time before these two names were linked.

The video (embedded below) features The Situation first hitting on Bristol Palin, pointing below Bristol’s waist and referring to that part of her anatomy as “[her] situation,” and then finally offering her some magnum-sized condoms (she graciously declines).

What the video lacks in educational quality, it more than makes up for in sheer weirdness. Check it out, via Mediaite:


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