Sarah Palin's Alaska Will Not Return For Second Season

spalaska cries

Sarah Palin is not continuing with her reality show Sarah Palin’s Alaska past this season according to EW.

Or at least she wasn’t as of Friday. 

EW says that despite Palin’s blockbuster ratings there “are no plans to send uber-producer Mark Burnett back to Wasilla with Palin” and speculates this is because “if she and her family chose to shoot more episodes, it would surely be interpreted as a sign that she had no plans to run for office.”

This was before Palin’s political fortunes took a possible turn for the worse following this weekend’s shootings in Arizona. 

Palin has not addressed the shootings outside her Facebook and emails to Glenn Beck so it remains to be seen whether her in articulated political plans remain intact. 

But a healthy reality show career on the back burner would make for a soft landing if the answer is they don’t.

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