Sarah Palin Blasts The Media For Refusing To Admit That Trump Forced Obama To Release His Birth Certificate

Sarah Palin blasted the media on Twitter for refusing to give Donald Trump credit for getting President Obama to release his “long form” birth certificate:

Sarah Palin blasts media

And that’s fair — because Trump definitely did pump up the volume on this issue.

But now it’s time for Sarah Palin herself to put her own conspiracy theory to rest. Specifically, it’s time for her to release medical records proving that she’s actually the mother of her son Trig.

(Right? Fair’s fair. You can’t scream at the media for asking you conspiracy questions and then applaud someone else who asked them, especially when you have refused to comply with simple requests for proof.)

And it’s time for Donald Trump to release his tax returns, which he said he would do when Obama released his birth certificate.