Sarah Palin Releases Another Video For Her Maybe Presidential Campaign

sarah palin in iowa

Photo: Zeke Miller

Fresh off a visit to Iowa over the weekend, Sarah Palin has released a new video that has all the trappings of a campaign video.Palin, who remains on the sidelines of the 2012 presidential race, has repeatedly said that she may still launch a campaign if she can’t find a Republican candidate whom she likes.

In the video, Palin is shown mingling with Iowans and engaging in staples of the fair, passing the deep fried butter stand. Interspersed are testimonials from locals, and idyllic images of Iowa, all shown through a folksy sepia filter.

The video even ends with an image of a roaring grizzly bear.

Palin was mobbed by reporters and fair-goers — with husband Todd serving as designated photographer for dozens of well-wishers — taking every media question and signing every item put it front of her.

While the video did not offer any hints whether she would formally jump in the race, Palin said at the fair she would decide within the next two months to be fair to her supporters.

In case you were wondering, Palin, while offered two pieces, didn’t try the fried butter.

Watch the whole video below:

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