Sarah Palin Product Launch A Smash Hit: Now More Popular Than Obama And McCain

How good a job did the Republicans do with their recent product launch? In a word, awesome.

Sarah Palin now has a 58% “favourable” rating. That’s higher than her boss, John McCain (57%). It’s also higher than her boss’s “celebrity” opponent, Barack Obama (57%).

Sarah Palin details:

  • 58% have a favourable view (40% Very favourable)
  • 37% Unfavorable (18% Very Unfavorable)
  • A week ago, 67% had never heard of her.
  • 89% of Republicans have a favourable view vs. 33% of Democrats
  • 65% of men are favourable vs. 52% of women
  • 51% believe the media is trying to hurt her
  • Palin radically boosted McCain’s favourable ratings: Among unaffiliated voters, favourable opinions of McCain jumped 11 points in a week—from 54% before the Palin announcement to 65% today.
  • 40% think Palin is ready to be president.
  • 44% say Palin has better experience than Obama. 48% say Obama

Amazing! (Now, quick, hide, before the love affair wears off.)

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