Roger Ailes Doesn’t Believe Sarah Palin Is Running For President


At least that’s the conclusion one must draw from the fact Fox News is keeping her on the payroll.

In the last week, with no Donald Trump to obsess about, the media has returned to its ‘Palin for president’ speculation. 

Spurred on by news that Palin has purchased a house in Arizona (also where daughter Bristol is attending school), an upcoming documentary that will premiere in primary hot state Iowa, and a nation-wide bus tour (not to mention the fact the GOP is devoid of any candidates possessing a shred of charisma), Palin is once again being touted as a possible candidate.

By everyone but Fox News, that is.

Fox announced yesterday that Palin would remain on the ($1million/year) payroll.

“We are not changing Sarah Palin‘s status,” Bill Shine, Executive Vice President of programming for Fox News Channel, told CBS News.

Here’s why this is notable. 

In the last few months Fox News, wary of appearing to be too heavily blurring the lines between the GOP and their news organisation (yes, I know, but New York magazine’s great Ailes piece this week notes that the appearance of coziness was becoming worrisome to Ailes) came down rather hard on possible presidential contenders on their payroll.

Back in March they suspended the contracts of presidential hopefuls Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum until they officially stated they weren’t running for president. 

They didn’t do the same for either Mike Huckabee or Palin, and earlier this month Huckabee announced he wasn’t running and would retain his show.

Meanwhile Palin, who despite the ‘blood libel’ debacle is still the most media savvy politician out there, is managing to keep the press guessing.  Except for Roger Ailes, that is, who clearly doesn’t believe a possible Palin candidacy is something to be taken seriously.