Here Is A Sneak Peek At The Documentary Sarah Palin Hopes Will Put Her Back In The Presidential Race

Sarah Palin

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Now that Donald Trump has relinquished his grip on the GOP Presidential circus it seems that Sarah Palin may be seriously reconsidering stepping in.While it’s just as likely she is looking to regain some of the spotlight and attention she lost following January’s ‘blood libel’ debacle, certain signs suggest she may actually be interested in launching a campaign.  

One of those signs is ‘Undefeated,’ a documentary commissioned by Palin, herself, and directed by right-wing film-maker Steven Bannon who apparently footed the $1 million bill all on his own.

Here’s how the Guardian describes the documentary, which is premiering in Iowa, the ground zero of presidential primaries, next month:

“The former governor of Alaska, will present her as a Joan of Arc-like figure beset at every turn by vicious leftwing enemies seeking to thwart her ambition of reviving the conservative legacy of Ronald Reagan.”

Shocking the Sarah Palin would present herself has a heroic victim.  Not presented is the furor surrounding Gabby Giffords.

Last night Sean Hannity, otherwise known as Palin’s unconditional safe haven in the dangerous media world, managed to get an exclusive(!) of the documentary.  Based on the clip, the doc is exactly how you might imagine.