Want To See The Sarah Palin Movie? You'll Have To Vote It Into A theatre Near You


“Undefeated,” the Stephen Bannon documentary on Sarah Palin, opens July 15.

But that doesn’t mean it’ll be waiting for you at your local cineplex.

Bannon’s film is being distributed in pick-and-choose fashion: right now, the doc is slated to play in AMC theatres in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, California, Arizona, Indiana and Kansas.

If you want to make sure it’s at a theatre near you, you have to vote — using your zip code — for “Undefeated” to come to town.

Meanwhile, if Bannon wants the film to be taken seriously, he needs some better blurbs from critics.

The one from The Hollywood Reporter splashed on the site just reads: “PALIN rose from NOWHERE to become the nation’s MOST POPULAR governor.”

Yeah, it’s never a good sign when the quotes doesn’t even mention the film.

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