Did Sarah Palin Use A Fake Facebook Account To Comment On Her Own Fan Page?

Sarah Palin

While paging through the new leaked manuscript penned by a former (and clearly disgruntled) Palin aide, Wonkette spotted a bunch of Sarah Palin‘s e-mail addresses that had mistakenly been left unredacted.

Naturally, Wonkette searched this email address on Facebook, and came up with a Facebook account registered to that address, one of a “Lou Sarah,” who spends her time on Facebook “liking” Bristol Palin’s Dancing With the Stars pictures, and even saying “amen” to Palin’s Facebook fan page complements.

As Wonkette notes, Palin’s middle name is Louise — which might be where she got the “Lou” from. Tricky!

This is the sort of thing Lou Sarah gets up to on Facebook:

Lou Sarah

The reason this doesn’t seem like a hoax by Frank Bailey is that it’s relatively bland. In the words of Wonkette: “This thing sucks. Make her play that Gang Wars or whatever.”

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