Palin Blasts Author Of ‘Obama’s Critics Are Dumb’ Cover Story

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin’s Twitter followers got a blast from the past last night, when the former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate slammed Newsweek for their cover story “Why Are Obama’s Critics So Dumb.”

In the piece, Daily Beast columnist Andrew Sullivan defends the president from his critics and makes the claim that empirically he has delivered on what he promised during his campaign.But interestingly enough, the reason for Palin’s Tweet is based not on the story’s provocative headline but rather its byline. Palin criticised the magazine for giving the cover story to Sullivan.


Palin Sullivan Tweet

For those of you who may not remember, the two have had a long history of online back-and-forths, stemming largely from Sullivan’s speculation that Palin may not have given birth to her son Trig.

In a 2008 article for The Daily Beast, pointed to the events surrounding the birth and questioned its validity. According to Palin’s memoir “Going Rouge,” Palin managed to finish a campaign speech and take two flights all between the time she started having contractions and eventually gave birth. From this Sullivan concluded:

“So she is either a self-serving drama queen who didn’t realise her story would imply she put her child – and many others on the planes – at great risk and then winged it to make her story more plausible; or she is a fantastic hoaxer and liar at a world class meshugana level that, at some point, will make Weinergate look like a damp squib.”

Palin immediately denied the claim, and after photographs of a pregnant Palin emerged, Sullivan ultimately conceded, though he did issue a follow-up today on his blog. In it, Sullivan writes that all he wanted was “some basic evidence for her insane story…”

He added: “Of course, no response to the substance. She doesn’t do substance. Neither, it seems, does much of the rightwing blogosphere.”

Looks like this feud is just starting to heat up again.