Sarah Palin's 'Going Rogue' Goes Discount On Kindle

Sarah palin

Amazon is cutting prices even further on two big Kindle pre-order titles.

Kindle pre-orders for Stephen King’s “Under the Dome” (Scribner) and Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue” (HarperCollins) are fetching the low low price of $7.99, the New York Times‘ Motoko Rich reports.

Rich writes:

“Under the Dome,” which was published in hardcover on Nov. 10 and priced at $35, will not be available as an e-book until Dec. 24. “Going Rogue,” released in hardcover on Nov. 17 and priced at $28.99, will also not be released as an e-book until Dec. 24.

Perhaps the deep discounts are just a way to drive up unit sales. Or maybe they’re Amazon’s way of showing publishers that demand is lower for e-books that don’t come out the same day as physical books.

Either way, $2 off Palin’s book if you act now.

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