'Sarah Palin's Alaska' Has Inspired Yet Another Alaskan Reality TV Show

Sarah Palin spurns blue bloods

The Discovery Channel will premiere two new series this summer that focus on moonshiners in Appalachia and Alaskan mountain men, the channel announced today.

“Moonshiners” (a working title) will bring cameras into the wilds of Appalachia to follow a “diverse group of people” who “who brew their shine — whether in the woods behind their house using camouflaged equipment or legally in their garages for local distribution — and the local authorities who try to keep them honest.”

“Mountain Men of Alaska” (also a working title), meanwhile, will star the family of “You Belong to Me” singer Jewel, who “have lived on their homestead for three generations.”

Led by Atz Kilcher (father of the singer), the Kilcher family lives off the land, “spending their summers gardening, hunting and fishing for food to get them through the harsh Alaskan winters.”

The series will also feature other homesteaders who live close to the Kilchers — such as “Brother Roadkill,” who “is not above eating animals lying dead on the side of the road.”

“Moonshiners” will be produced by Magilla Entertainment (“The Rachel Zoe Project,” “Storm Chasers”), while “Mountain Men of Alaska” will be produced by Discovery Studios.

This post originally appeared at TheWrap.

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