Fear Not, Sarah Palin Won't Ask Kate Gosselin To Be A Cabinet Member If She's Elected President


Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin appeared on Bill O’Reilly last night, where she wouldn’t let him get a word in edgewise while she defended herself against a recent attack by Charles Krauthammer, who questioned if Palin had the political knowledge to be president.

She did so by doing what she usually does: painting herself as the outsider who really understands the people. 

“Well, bless his heart, he’s probably used to those in the political beltway, who perhaps ar ent out there working but they’re talking and they’re meeting people and they’re doing their “strategery” whereas I’m working and I’m having a great time doin’ it.”

Also?  Her reality show’s entire goal is to promote Alaska not Palin’s political ambitions as some have suspected.

Later in the interview, O’Reilly asks Palin if it would be possible for a liberal woman to be a “mama grizzly,” the phrase Palin has coined for conservative mothers.

“A liberal woman who understands that it’s individual rights and responsibilities that can pull one person up when they are exercised appropriately certainly can be a mama grizzly. Because a mama grizzly is all about protecting the young and we protect the young by teaching them how to work, not rely on another bear. In our case, not to rely on bigger government to solve problems and to provide solutions to everything that we face. It’s all about individuals, it’s about families, it’s about small community. It’s about individual responsibility.”

But, she says, “it would be hard.”

Palin also goes after the feminist movement for making women weak by not letting them take care of themselves.  As usual she neglects to mention which feminist movement was promoting this exactly.

Video below. 

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