SARAH PALIN: “Isn’t She Pretty, Isn’t She Nice?”

Sarah Palin

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There’s really nothing to say about this Washington Post story about Sarah Palin attending parties last Saturday in DC, except:a) it makes me want to throw up

b) Sarah’s comeback from Tucson is on track, exactly as she wants it to be, with mainstream media rolling over and begging her to scratch their jelly bellies once again.

Visitors to this blog, and even people who will buy The Rogue in September, constitute only a tiny minority of the American voting public. A much larger minority–encouraged by mainstream media such as Vanity Fair and the Washington Post–still find Sarah fascinating, even dazzling.

We might wish she was yesterday’s breakfast, but as long as mainstream editors, publishers and reporters beg for the chance to pose for a photo with her, she remains likely to be a main course at the 2012 election banquet. She might even wind up looking for a White House chef.

There is no morality in mainstream media. There is only venal self-interest. There are (with a certain few exceptions) only weary whores who would trade what’s left of their souls for the chance to pose for a snapshot with a celebrity.

This is your Washington “press corps,” ladies and gentlemen. Better described as the Washington “press corpse.”

Its theme song is “Celebrity Über Alles.”

This post originally appeared at The Rogue Blog. Joe McGinniss’s book about Sarah Palin, The Rogue, will be published this fall. You can pre-order it here.