SARAH PALIN: 'I Need NOW's defence Like A Fish Needs A Bicycle.'

palin maher

Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a “dumb twat,” launching Presidential campaigner Michel Bachmann into a rage that there is a double-standard when it comes to conservative women.

But how does the former Governor feel?

Eh, she does not seem to be offended.

“I need NOW’s defence like a fish needs a bicycle,” she told Greta van Susteren. “I don’t want them to defend me.”

She feels that there might be a double standard — or maybe not — but the important thing is to keep focused on her goals.

“So what? Let’s just work harder, produce more, produce better, and get over it,” she said. “I’m through whining about a liberal press that holds especially conservative women to a different standard.”

OK, fair. But what if someone attacked Palin’s daughter, female friend, or relative?

“I’m not going to retreat on that. I’ll reload, and I’ll tell them what I think about them. I’ll hold them accountable for what they say about other women because in that respect it’s not fair.

And really, it is the liberal commentators who are guilty.

“I don’t think I have heard hosts on Fox say the things that hosts on MSNBC would say.”

Video below.

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