MARK KELLY: Sarah Palin Never Once Tried To Contact Gabby Giffords After The Shooting

Mark Kelly is making the media rounds to promote he and wife Gabby Giffords’ new memoir about their life together and her recovery after being shot in the head last January.

On Piers Morgan Wednesday night Kelly revealed that Palin, who was highly criticised at the time for having released a congressional map with gun site symbols over key districts including Giffords’, never bothered to contact the Giffords family, something Kelly said he was surprised by. 

Kelly noted however, that had he spoke to Palin, which he expected to do, he only wanted to say “you were not responsible, but you were irresponsible.”

“Certainly the targets that she put over Gabby’s and other people’s districts, you know, in our opinion, was not the right thing to do … Sarah Palin certainly is not responsible for what happened. But I think the angry rhetoric in an election year is not — it’s not helpful.”