Sarah Palin Slams FOX Over Report That She Quit Her Bus Tour

Earlier this morning Real Clear Politics reported that Sarah Palin had mysteriously abandoned her not-a-presidential campaign bus tour.  Cue a lot of ‘quitter’ headlines.

Fox News picked up the report and ran a story entitled ‘Report: Palin Ends ‘One Nation’ Bus Tour of America’

In returning to Alaska, Palin does not seem so keen on visiting early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina, places she said during the tour that she was ready to visit. RCP reports that she has not “reconnected” with key early-state personalities like Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

The story went out on Twitter where Palin apparently noticed it and responded thusly.

palin one nation twitter

That would be the same media that Palin gets her $1million/year paycheck from.  Is Palin burning her bridges with Fox or simply worried she’s not got enough of the media spotlight this week?  (The latter, obviously.)

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