Sarah Palin Deletes Facebook Comment Pointing Out That She's Wrong On Inflation

sarah palin

Sarah Palin scored a direct hit against WSJ reporter Sudeep Reddy this week.

To recap: In a speech she said that food inflation was soaring. Reddy came back and said that actually there’s been no retail-level food inflation this year. She came back and said an article at Reddy’s own WSJ said there was. Reddy came back and said that same article acknowledged that food inflation was only a risk, and that we hadn’t seen it yet.

She was wrong, but she wins on style points.

Anyway, John Dickerson at Slate posted the following comment on her Facebook page and it got deleted:

I think Governor Palin and the author are talking about two different time periods. Governor Palin says “everyone who ever goes out shopping for groceries knows that prices have risen significantly over the past year or so.” The article she cites, and quotes above, says that the “inflationary tide is //beginning.//” Also, Governor Palin uses the word “significantly” which can’t apply to the first nine months of the year (since grocery prices increased at a record slow pace) and if it’s just the last couple of months a term like “moderate” might have been more precise. Recent price increases have not been like the 6 per cent increase of 2008.

She has a pattern doing this, but hey, it’s her Facebook page, so really, she can do whatever she wants.

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