This 'Alternate' Version Of Sarah Palin Bus Tour Video Is Probably The Accurate One


Sarah Palin‘s emails are coming out and her bus tour continues to chug along. She even made a rosy video about the trip, which, inevitably, someone recreated.

The alternate version offers a view that is probably a little closer to the actual truth of the road trip.

“The Rolling Thunder biker rally is typically a non-political event honouring America’s veterans and Palin’s presence here has come with some mixed reviews,” one person says.

Another remarks: “This right here is about unity, and I don’t hear that coming from Sarah Palin.”

“We got surprised by seeing Sarah Palin, and that was a highlight of this weekend,” a third man says.

One of the leaders of the Rolling Thunder tour delivers the most telling statement: “We didn’t invite her. It is a big distraction. We’re not political. … We didn’t endorse her. We didn’t endorse anybody. We’re taking care of our issues, and that’s why we’re here.”

Video below.

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