Sarah Palin: 'All Bets Are Off' With Brokered Convention

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Photo: Business Insider

Sarah Palin sure knows how to stay in the spotlight.On Fox’s “Follow the Money” Wednesday night, the former vice presidential candidate said first that she wouldn’t rule out another run for office and then that she would “help” in the event of a brokered convention.

While speaking with host Eric Bolling, Palin said she didn’t know what exactly was next for her but that a return to politics isn’t out of the question.

“I cannot predict what will happen in the future, she said. “But I know that I have got the fire in my belly to try to help, to try to make a difference and if that involves running for public office at some point in the future, I’m game for that.”

Though she didn’t elaborate, saying, “I don’t know what it will be.”

Then, stirring the pot a little further, Palin said that in the event of a brokered convention, which she said is a possibility, she would do whatever she could to help.

“I think that months from now if that’s the case then all bets are off as to who it will be willing to offer themselves up in the name of service to their country,” she said.

Just for the record, the last time we had a brokered conference was in 1952, when it took three ballots to nominate Democrat Adlai Stevenson.

Here’s Palin on Fox. The good stuff starts at about 11:24.

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