Sarah Palin Action Figures Blowing Off Shelves

Toys based on political candidates have had varied degrees of success this year (see: the Obama sock monkey). But that hasn’t dissuaded HeroBuilders from creating a Sarah Palin doll.

What better way is there for the Republicans to prove that Palin is a serious candidate who’s ready to be president?

THR’s Past Deadline blog: Before she has consented to so much as a single interview with members of the evil “liberal” media, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin…has been fashioned into a trio of uncannily realistic and monumentally creepy (redundant?) action figure dolls that are available for purchase right this minute at

All three of the dolls sport Palin’s trademark specs and bunned-up hair along with an identical facial look and smile perhaps best described as demented. The no-frills Palin figure in black jumpsuit goes for $27.95. There’s also a heat-packing Super Hero version in black overcoat and halter top and a 45-calibre pistol sidearmed to her thigh, and a truly frightening “School Girl” edition (in plaid miniskirt and bobby sox with lace bra and panties underneath, we’re told). Each of the latter pair retail for $29.95.

Creator Emil Vicale says he’s already sold “more than 500” Palin figures on Monday, the first day it’s been available. “And the pace of orders is starting to step up big time,” he added in a phone chat this afternoon.

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