Reporters repeatedly confront White House press secretary about sexual harassment allegations against Trump

  • White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders dodged questions about President Donald Trump’s history of sexual harassment allegations.
  • Accusations of harassment against Trump have again been brought into the spotlight as several politicians have resigned following harassment allegations.

White House correspondents confronted press secretary Sarah Huckabee about allegations of sexual harassment against President Donald Trump.

During a press conference and an interview with NBC host Megyn Kelly on Monday, three women detailed their experiences of harassment against Trump.

Several hours later, Sanders denied the numerous allegations against the president, which span decades throughout Trump’s time in real estate and entertainment.

“This took place long before he was elected to be president,” Sanders said. “The people of this country had a decisive election supported President Trump, and we feel like these allegations have been answered through that process.”

NPR’s Mara Liasson asked Sanders to address United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley’s argument on Sunday that Trump’s accusers “should be heard.”

“Does the president agree with her?” Liasson asked.

“As the president said himself, he thinks it’s a good thing that women are coming forward,” Sanders said. “But he also feels strongly that a mere allegations shouldn’t determine the course. And in this case, the president has denied many of these allegations.”

Other reporters didn’t let up: CBS News’s Jacqueline Alemany noted that Trump had boasted that he could walk into dressing rooms with women with no clothes on.

“Is that not an admission of sexual harassment?” Alemany asked.

“The president has spoken about this directly,” Sanders said. “I don’t have anything further to add to the process.”

In the wake of several congressional resignations following harassment allegations, a number of Democratic senators have called on the president to resign in recent days.

Trump has been unfazed by questions, throwing his full-throated supported behind Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of sexual assault and harassment of women who where then teenagers.

Watch a clip via CNN:

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