Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Trump's only flaw is that he has to deal with the media every day

  • White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders brushed off questions about President Donald Trump’s flaws Wednesday. 
  • She joked that the president’s only flaw was having to deal with the news media.  

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders shut down a reporter after he asked her to name President Donald Trump’s flaws during a press briefing on Wednesday. 

On Tuesday, in response to chief of staff John Kelly calling Confederate general Robert E. Lee “an honorable man,” Sanders said that “all of our leaders have flaws,” including former presidents Washington, Jefferson, Kennedy, and Roosevelt, but “that doesn’t diminish their contributions to our country and certainly can’t erase them from history.”

NBC News reporter Peter Alexander followed up on that remark on Wednesday, asking Sanders to name Trump’s flaws. 

“Probably that he has to deal with you guys on a daily basis,” she responded with a smile. 

When Alexander pressed his question — “so what are his flaws, then? Simple question” — Sanders dismissed him.

“I just gave you one,” she said, and moved on to the next reporter.  

.@PeterAlexander: “What are President Trump’s flaws?”

Sanders: “Probably that he has to deal with you guys on a daily basis”
— NBC News (@NBCNews) November 1, 2017

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