Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and one of her biggest critics in the media have made an uneasy truce over pie

Twitter PressSecSarah Huckabee Sanders’ pies
  • People accused White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders of posting a stock photo of a pie and claiming she had baked it.
  • In response, Sanders documented the process of baking a pie for the White House press corps potluck, calling out April Ryan, a reporter who was sceptical of her earlier pie.
  • Many remained critical, with Rosie O’Donnell tweeting: “so nice of u sarah to bake a cake for a woman u diminish and devalue daily.”
  • When presented with the pie, Ryan said that she saw it as “an earnest attempt” by Sanders to reach out to the press.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders baked a pie for Thursday’s potluck with the White House press corps after a bizarre conspiracy emerged about her baking skills.

In November, Sanders posted a photo of a pecan pie on a white counter.

The lack of background made some people suspicious, and rumours began to circulate that the press secretary had actually posted a stock photo.

April Ryan, American Urban Radio Networks’ White House correspondent, tweeted: “Show it to us on a table.”

On Wednesday night, Sanders took to Twitter to document the entire process of making pies.

Sanders then tweeted: “Ingredients all mixed up and pies in the oven! @AprilDRyan let me know if you need further documentation #piegate”.

Some people are still finding reasons to criticise Sanders’ culinary skills.

Others – including actress Rosie O’Donnell, who has criticised the Trump administration in the past – took issue with the fact that Sanders would poke fun at Ryan at all.

Ryan is known for pushing Sanders to answer questions about President Trump’s more controversial actions. The reporter was not invited to the White House Christmas party for the first time in 20 years, something she says happened because the White House has “disdain” for her.

On Wednesday, Ryan took the #piegate tweets in stride.

“Oh I can’t wait to see them!” Ryan tweeted. “They look pretty!”

And yes, we have photographic evidence of the pie handoff, thanks to the Dallas News’ Todd J. Gillman.

“I can’t believe you would question my ability!” Sanders said in a video recorded by Michelle Moons, Breitbart’s White House reporter.

“Girl, bye,” Ryan replied. “It was a joke.”

Ryan continued: “I look at this pie-making as an earnest attempt from you to reach out to all of us, not just to me.”

Sanders agreed, saying that Christmas was a time to be “hospitable and generous.”

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