Goldman Sachs Just Lost Its Hottest Software Analyst


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Ok, we’re not sure if she’s the hottest, but we’re willing to put $10 on it. Email us if you know differently. Sarah Friar, who used to be a software analyst at Goldman Sachs, just got poached by (UPDATE: Apparently she left Goldman 2 months ago. She walked.)

And it looks like having Goldman on her resume might have helped her score a better title than SalesForce usually doles out for her role.

She’s now a Senior VP in their strategy and finance department. Someone familiar with the company says that’s usually just a VP or a Senior Director role. Her job will essentially be modelling the business.

They also say that she’ll be a boost to the department, which was quite weak, at least before Friar started working there on April 18th.

May or may not be related: Friar recently got some criticism for a report she did on Microsoft’s 2011 looking bleak.

Here’s more on Friar from her profile on TechieIndex:

Sarah Friar, Vice President, joined Goldman Sachs in September 2000, initially working in the High Technology Investment Banking Group. She transferred to Global Investment Research in September of 2001 and works in the Technology Group covering the infrastructure software industry, specifically security and systems management. Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, she worked at McKinsey & Co. in both London and South Africa. Sarah has a Masters degree in Engineering from Oxford University and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she graduated as an Arjay Miller Scholar.

Who will fill her space at Goldman?

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