SAP To Oracle: Come Help Us Sell The Product That Competes With You

Bill Mcdermott SAP CEO
SAP CEO Bill Mcdermott wants you to believe in HANA

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SAP’s co-CEO, Bill McDermott, has an offer for the world’s largest database maker: SAP is willing to licence its hot new database to Oracle, if Oracle can bring itself to ask.McDermott dropped this tidbit during an interview with a German newspaper, reports Reuters.

“That would be possible. The question is whether Oracle can imagine it,” the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper quoted Bill McDermott in an interview published on Monday.

That seems like an unlikely business move by Oracle, given that Oracle has its own new in-memory database, the Exalytics appliance, and a revamped version of its TimesTen database to compete with HANA.

McDermott pointed out that companies like Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu and Hewlett-Packard have already partnered with SAP for HANA, and that the company is “open to everything” even a deal with one of its biggest rivals.

Some analysts say that SAP has a long history of internally developed flops. HANA, in contrast, has been one of SAP’s more successful new products — and perhaps the fastest growing new product the company ever launched, even though it accounts for only a small percentage of SAP’s $5.9 billion in revenue

Sales of HANA reached more than $200 million (€165 million) in its first six months, SAP reported last week. 

SAP is specifically trying to get its customers to yank out their Oracle databases and replace them with HANA. But that’s not all. SAP is on a collision course with Oracle’s other customers, too. It is pitching HANA as an all-around database, suitable for any application, even for customers who are not using SAP’s other enterprise software. It claims it is having some success with this, too.

“The majority of sales of HANA are for non-SAP data scenarios,” Vishal Sikka, the SAP executive in charge of HANA’s development told Business Insider.