SAP Just Vowed To Hire A Whole Bunch Of People With Autism

mutsmuts/FlickrWe’ve told you before that there’s a small but definite trend in the tech industry to find jobs for people on the autistic spectrum.

SAP just become the first major global company to hop on board.

That’s because people on the spectrum often have off-the-chart abilities with technology. Many of them have genius-level IQ’s and college degrees.

“They can see your product or software differently. They can figure out how something works, break down the product, find the problems and rebuild it — and they can do all that in their heads,” Tara Roehl, a speech pathologist specializing in Autism told Business Insider last May.

Unfortunately, these folks also have really high unemployment rates because they lack social skills and have trouble fitting in.

Today, SAP announced a plan to seek out people with autism and hire them as software testers, programmers, and data quality assurance specialists.

Following a successful pilot in India and Ireland working with global Autism job placement agency Specialisterne, SAP hired six employees in India and plans to hire five in Ireland. SAP will now expand the program in the U.S., Canada and Germany in 2013, it said in a press release, potentially hiring hundreds worldwide.

Thanks to this work, SAP’s India R&D team recently developed an iPad application called “Bol,” which is an education app for autistic kids.

Others involved in this trend include ASTEP, a U.S. Autism employment agency and Aspiritech, is a software consulting company in Chicago that only hires people with Autism.

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