SAP Says It Will Report Its ‘Best Ever’ Year And Quarter

Bill Mcdermott SAP CEO
SAP co-CEO Bill Mcdermott wants you to believe in HANA

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SAP today issued its traditional preliminary earnings report promising its “best-ever” results. It also says it beat its earlier guidance.The company reports record software revenue for Q4 2011 ended Dec. 31.  Software revenue increased 16% to €1.74 billion. Full-year 2011 software revenue increased 22% to €3.97 billion. 2011 software and software-related service revenue increased by 15%.

SAP said profit exceeds revenue guidance, too, with non-IFRS operating profit at €4.71 Billion. FRS revenue for 2011 is €14.23 billion, a 14% increase over 2010.

SAP had promised it would sell €100 million of its new HANA appliance and says that it will exceed that target, hitting software revenue of more than €160 million. SAP also said it sold more than the promised €100 million in mobile software, but wasn’t specific as to how much more it sold.

SAP will issue its final earnings on January 25.

SAP’s preliminary earnings is reported on a non-IFRS basis. It includes some revenue that isn’t recognised under IFRS and excludes some costs and gains and adjusts its forecasts for currency changes.